This site is for refugees from Atlassian's Server products, Jira, Confluence and Crowd, which Atlassian is discontinuing.

General feedback to Atlassian's move has been.. negative:

We have written an open letter to Atlassian requesting Server products be open sourced.

But now it's time to stop complaining and figure out what to do.

Migrate to Atlassian's Cloud? How hard will that be? Is Atlassian Cloud's somewhat negative reputation deserved?

Migrate to another product? What else is out there? How does it compare?

Difficult questions.

This site is a community resource for collectively figuring out the options.

Over time this page will be replaced with a wiki (not Confluence, sadly) with product comparisons. Here are some links for now:

Our chat server is where the action is:

Update Dec 2021

The chat server has been decommissioned as activity fizzled out in mid-2021. Let me know if you need to retrieve any content.